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Transport Management

Control your haulage costs and voyage schedules

The transport management system modules have been developed as a business tool for shipping and haulage companies and the logistics departments of warehouse operators.

Warehouse operators can create their consignments within their dedicated warehouse management systems and then pass these on to the transport management system (TMS).

The TMS will pick up jobs received from the various sources (either manual or automatic) and add them to the traffic diary, from where they can be scheduled on owned or sub contracted vehicles, priced and invoiced. This module also provides the haulier with full fleet and equipment management facilities along with auto job costing to facilitate the processing and tracking of the jobs from the booking stage to final invoicing. Management reporting in the form of profitability reports, statistics etc. is available by means of user generated reports and downloads to spread sheets.

Route planning can be achieved through integration to dedicated systems, providing efficient route preparation and up-to-the-minute traffic situation acknowledgement.

The tracking module, allowing your customers to trace their goods via the Internet, adds additional customer service value.

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