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Retail & Distribution

Keep all your customer and product information up-to-date.

The product maintenance module allows you to create and amend products for use in many of the other modules such as supplier maintenance, customer maintenance, purchase ordering and goods inwards. The additional modules, included in our retail & distribution systems, are sales order processing and invoicing as well as a full accounts solution.

Manage all your logistical requirements in one integrated system

With the growing reliance on knowledge and data as the basis of competitive advantage, companies must have in place cost effective, disruption-proof solutions to support round the clock operations. Our Retail & Distribution system is made up of a series of modules that enable companies to manage their stock control, sales and purchase ordering and invoicing in one integrated system.

The stock control system maintains an individual record for each item of stock, with sub records at branch / depot level. This allows for central and depot stock control procedures such as re ordering, inter depot transfers etc. The product coding structure is very flexible and caters for categorization by various criteria. The flexibility provided in price update procedures, promotions and product / customer discount structures eliminates errors and repetition. This allows for accurate invoicing to customers through the sales order processing module and thus optimising cash flow.
Similarly, when using the purchase order module, our systems provide flexible methods of processing the orders. You can opt for a traditional manual route, or utilise a variety of optional business-to-business (b2b) links to send the order electronically. This b2b method will help eradicate errors and duplication and speed up the order processing procedure.

The logical and smooth data flow within the integrated modules used in the ‘front office’, then allows the ‘back office’ to function efficiently using the full accounting solution provided.

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