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Integration Services

We deliver your solution on time and on budget

  • Over the last 20 years our project managers have deployed some of the most complex shipping, transport and retail & distribution solutions in both the UK and in Europe and we constantly strive to deploy your particular business solutions on time and within the agreed budget.
  • This experience means that we are used to responding with understanding to the inevitable and unavoidable changes that can occur partway through your project as requirements change. In this eventuality we would assess the impact on the business case and agree plans with you to deal with the changes that have occurred.
  • We carry out risk management throughout and are well experienced in mitigating the risk that occurs when new systems are being integrated with your organisations’ existing business processes.
  • Our team complements your in-house skills and expertise, to create a complete and coherent project team that can ensure that the solution delivers the expected business benefits upon which it was originally justified.

Futurecode provide you with a seamless solution

  • The hard work is done for you because Futurecode provides a full systems integration service within your organisations’ existing IT infrastructure. This is effectively a seamless solution as we offer the services to project manage, liase and co-ordinate with different suppliers throughout the integration programme.
  • After we have designed your business solution we are able to procure, install, and commission the equipment that is needed.
  • Your existing business processes are integrated with your new shipping, transport or retail & distribution system ensuring business continuity and minimum disruption to your company during the implementation phase.
  • Our project management approach is focused on keeping a tight control on the planning and deployment of your solution, with key milestones aligned with the requirements of the specified business solution. Communication is a key part of our customer service philosophy and so we continually keep you up-to-date throughout the implementation.

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