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Shipping Systems

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Futurecode provide software solutions created to support shipping, transport and retail & distribution organisations.

Our integrated solutions ensure that resources are effectively managed from the initiation of a job, through the production of legal and financial obligatory documentation, to the final delivery or collection of goods.

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  • Assertively productivate competitive
  • Collaboratively foster market
  • Uniquely pursue compelling networks
  • Monotonectally disintermediate backend portals

Shipping Systems
From the initial quotation enquiry through to booking, documentation creation, transport arrangements and container control all data is controlled and managed in one integrated system.
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Transport Management
The transport management system modules have been developed as a business tool for haulage companies and the logistics departments of warehouse operators
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Retail & Distribution
Our retail & distribution systems are made up of a series of modules that enables companies to manage all of their logistical requirements in one integrated system – Simple!
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“Does your software fit all your business needs? Do all your business processes fit seamlessly together within your IT infrastructure, without need for duplication of input? Is it easy to get at the really useful information in your system? If not, talk to Futurecode. We design the software around your business, not your business around the software.”
Paul Bradney, Futurecode

Consultancy Services
As a starting point, we review existing processes and identify where operating efficiencies could be made, ensuring that any solutions recommended, fit with the overall strategic business direction
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Integration Services
The hard work is done for you as Futurecode provides a full systems integration service with existing IT infrastructure ensuring that you receive a
seamless solution.
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Caché & M
Futurecode use InterSystem’s CACHÉ technology which is a leading player in the database RAD market place. CACHÉ is a very high performance database which is extremely quick.
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